Friday, September 22, 2023

Episode 72: Cross Country Training Tips, and Transition to Collegiate Running

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College XC Teammates at Emory, "Tents and Trails"
KJ Karver's High School accomplishments

An Ode to Cross Country: 
On grassy fields, golf courses, wooded paths, around ponds, in the mud, in the rain, in the snow... Moving fast and past autumn leaves, wind blows through my hair around each bend as my shoes grip the curved earth.

We raise our spirits as we empty our lungs. I stretch to keep the pace with finish line in sight.
As soon as I cross, I cannot wait to run again.
And I know I am right where I'm meant to be.
-by Mark Lane-Holbert, Inspired by Rock Creek Runners

This month we dive into the joys of cross country and collegiate running in general, especially training tips, in an interview with KJ Karver, a successful high school runner who is starting his collegiate running career at Emory. Flashback 4 years: We had the pleasure of first meeting him on Running Anthropologist just before he entered high school, in an interview with his training partner and father, Dr. Marc Karver. Since then, he has won multiple awards and was among the best cross country athletes in the state of Florida, and now seeking to be the best in his NCAA division. He has had several private coaches but still trained and run with his dad often until leaving for university, and this relationship has instilled a sense of dedication, sometimes friendly competition and always a safe place for conversation.
September 2023 NCAA competition

In this interview with Kirin solo, we spend a great deal of time discussing what went right in his high school career, what he learned the hard way, and what he would recommend doing differently. He gives some simple tips that represent a treasure trove of knowledge in training for any age, including for the unbounded energy of high school runners. We also touch on some youth-specific topics, including the basics of college recruiting and how to think about the process ahead of time. Hope you enjoy this peek into what makes a successful runner transitioning to college, both in attitude and practical skills. We are very grateful for his time and wish KJ luck in all his endeavours! 

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Here are a few resources to read more about cross country in general, from Runners World and Marathon Handbook: 

Another great resource for workouts and coaches is

Until next time, wishing you and yours Happy Running!

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