Sunday, March 19, 2023

Trail Running Film Fest Global Tour, Mathias Eichler

 Episode 71: Trail Running Film Fest Global Tour, with Executive Producer Mathias Eichler, is available just about anywhere Podcasts can be heard!

 Do you ever wish you could get a birds-eye view into all the unique stuff going on with trail running around the globe? The Trail Running Film Fest thought of just that, and has films from independent filmmakers covering people in every walk(-run) of life! In this episode, the Trail Running Film Festival's executive producer Mathias Eichler and I discuss it  all, how it started and he shares about the "why" behind their work. We also discuss how it all comes together, and a bit about the films featured this year.

This year, a focus on diversity both in terms of runners culture and geographic landscapes makes for a beautiful lineup. Many stories and voices that are not traditionally found in the cinema can now be seen in cities everywhere through their host-sponsored Global Tour. Check the website for a location near you, 50+ cities including Tampa Bay's USF in mid-April. After the tour ends at the end of April, one can also purchase a home pass and watch the entire film festival from the comfort of home, if you cannot make it to one of the theater venues.

Mathias also shares his own background and how he got into trail running and fell in love with the pacific Northwest of the US. He gives us the best places to run and some insider tips for how to avoid crowds and find the best trails at two national park areas in Washington state, near Olympia!  Below is a quick announcement of what you can expect in the film fest this year:

"The Trail Running Film Festival is back on tour around the world, and coming to somewhere near you for a great night of films, inspiration, and community.

You're invited to celebrate with us running as a universal practice. Come explore our collective and individual potential, and let's pursue our wildest dreams. 

We're excited to bring you stories from around the world by filmmakers sharing their work of adventure, inclusivity, wilderness, art, and diversity across the trail and ultra community!

More information at:

You can also of course find us and message us about unique corners of running culture, or your favorite trail runs, at @runninganthropologist on IG or Facebook!  Until then, Happy Running!

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