Tuesday, April 6, 2021

New Season: "Earth Day: Earth Year: On Healing & Recovery", Walk/Run Therapy & Recovery Caminos! (Episode 55)

In our season's first episode, "Earth Day, Earth Year" (dropping on April 22nd) we will feature ultra trail runner Michael Wardian (about an Earth Day 5K and upcoming 100 miler), Peter Maksimow (on Plogging), and a special interview with writer/music therapist Bob Shea about Recovery Camino(s): ""back to nature for healing and the path(s) of recovery", as potentially found thru a multi-day pilgrimage! In Bob Shea's interview, we approach the purpose of pilgrimage and the importance of connection (to our natural world and fellow pilgrims). As we seek recovery and healing for our planet in 2021, there is a parallel inner journey we can embark upon. Much like multi-day ultras in the running world, a walking pilgrimage is about movement of body-mind-spirit in unison towards a higher or common goal, which presents unexpected difficulties when we meet ourselves and our thoughts full force along "The Way".  Reach out to Bob to learn more or register for free Summer Recovery as Pilgrimage training!

Before then, you can check out Jenni Jalonen's interviewing me for her ULTRA RUNNING COMMUNITY Run with Love, link below...

On a coastal multi-day Pilgrimage

This season, we will feature several running therapists and pilgrims on journeys of recovery, bringing to bare their unique capacity for self-transformation and gifts/insight they have to offer others!

Michael Wardian describes his journey of healing from an injury, and what slowing down during the pandemic has given him time for. He shares his philosophy towards healing, and why he supports the local (and virtual) Earth Day 5K put on by Little Sesame (in cooperation with planting new life by Casey's Trees) every year. Instagram: @mikewardian

Peter Maksimow is the ATRA Outreach Specialist, a mountain runner/skier/walker/hiker and part of the global PLOGGING movement to make a physical/mental effort to notice and respond to our earth while run/walking- by picking up trash and recycling! A former US Distance Trail Running Team silver medalist, he knows trails! He's also the founder of the intense PLOGGING group in the Northwest United States, and shares with us his own philosophy as a trail enthusiast and environmentalist, about the growth of this community. App for checking out companies/scan products to learn their eco-score and background: buycott.com/get Instagram: @petermaksimow  Some of his American Trail Running Assn. sustainability writing: https://trailrunner.com/trail-news/author/petermaksimow/

FLIPPING THE TABLES: I would also like to share this interview (link below) I did with RUN WITH LOVE, an ultra community podcast- which explains the practice of Walk/Running Logotherapy specifically and Running as Therapy in general. In it, I also discuss some of the basics of how walk/running helps with recovery from addictions, trauma and loss, as well as daily reprieve through habit formation (treating anxiety and depression). Building a community of support is key, and 1:1 or small group work with a therapist "moving together towards a common goal" could be a great path forward for many. 


Live Sessions with Community: Lastly, if you would like to build your community of practice with walk/run meditation and some live sessions offered weekly on Tues/Thursdays by me, and everyday by other great teachers, I invite you to join our Insight Timer community with the free App:  insighttimer.com/laneholbert

"The Way" shell marker along the Camino de Santiago

Bob Shea's RECOVERY CAMINO website: www.recoverycamino.com