Friday, September 20, 2019

Episode 24: Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) with William Pullen

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Our guest this week is the third in a series of 3 Episodes featuring different approaches to running therapy.  This is the perfect one to wrap up our series, because it has components of partner running (empathy runs), as well as opportunity to work through William Pullen's Dynamic Running Therapy on one's own.  A Therapist who values and has studied philosophy and psychology, and applies many key aspects of mindfulness to his work. DRT can be used in so many ways, many of which we discuss in this episode.  Furthermore, this movement therapy is incredibly accessible through the free app he has developed, as well as his book/interactive workbook "Running with Mindfulness: Dynamic Running Therapy to Improve Low-Mood, Anxiety, Stress and Depression". It has been called a radically simple approach combining elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, relational philosophy and exercise. 
We discuss why it is ideal for individuals that want to deepen their running practice, and get more in touch with themeselves and their emotions through self-introspection questions.  Pullen's voice navigates us in this episode, but also he does so even more eloquently through his App for each area of therapy, an explanation and guidance. Movement and getting moving is especially valuable to those that are dealing with any difficult emotions such as self esteem issues, anger, stress, depression or anxiety on a regular basis. There is also a healthy relationship practice, which deals with questions together through "empathy runs", in which a couple/pair practices active listening and deep sharing in organized turns. Pullen developed DRT to "bring the mind into perfect harmony with the body through the healing experience of mindful running". Channeling running energy into personal change in all aspects of our life is made both simple and effective by this insightful step-by-step process, developed through years of therapy and mindfulness practice. In everything we do, he encourages us to just get moving, make small changes and positive results will naturally flow from them. His guidance has helped countless people to do so, and his story is both uplifting and inspiring! Please visit his website and see the following videos to gain some perspective on the work, and give the app a try:

His Therapy page, where he explains more about methods and types of therapy offered:
Video Explanation:  
Find his Books on Amazon:

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Episode 23: UNBREAKABLE with Dan McGann of "RxRun", Founder David Harris and Coordinator Nils Blondon- on Mental Health & Group Running Therapy

Episode 23  UNBREAKABLE with Therapist Dan McGann of RxRun, Founder David Harris & Coordinator Nils Blondon, on Mental Health & Running Therapy
Dan McGann, Running Therapist

Therapist Dan McGann is the second of our 3 part series featuring running as therapy, and offers some groundbreaking insights into work with groups of young people and families in Ontario, Canada.  The results of his years of work honing the program are no less than astounding, with now groups of graduates of the program becoming public speakers for other new runners. Now in his 14th year of doing so, Dan has witnessed incredible impact on the mental health and resilience of young people in group therapy and seen running's ability to completely change lives.  It has been so successful that he has extended it to families and now has several groups meeting twice per week (in two different seasonal sessions) throughout the year.  The idea is that individuals will "get moving" and see themselves as successes involved in something life-affirming. This helps achieve something together with a group or family, and builds up to something greater in life. "Running as a training ground to overcome obstacles in our lives / way of thinking", and this is the life goal of Dan's work, especially to change the view of those that perceive themselves as "broken"...

Nils Blondon
Coordinator/Manager Nils Blondon of "Team Unbreakable" also joins us for a bit to explain his work, giving others tools to replicate this important youth work thru running model, and paving a new way of thinking about mental health. He coordinates the curriculum and helps schools/youth program set up their own programs, including motivational speakers and group running focused on young people expressing their feelings, struggles and developing mindfulness.  This is a free service and effort to spread this approach to youth groups throughout the schools in the Toronto area, with hopes to share with organizations and youth groups throughout North America and beyond, so that no one will have to suffer alone.
Unbreakable Group lining up for THE 5K

Lastly, it has been supported continuously by Founder of Unbreakable & CEO David Harris of what was originally "Cameron Helps", created as a lifeline after experiencing the loss of his own son to mental illness.  He explains his own struggles with depression and health, and the solace he has found in running, that he wants to share with others, especially young people who are struggling with depression. This ongoing outreach today is provided through grants, offering resources for anyone hoping to impact mental health access for young people, through running and inspiring role models!

Below you will find amazing stories, inspiration and film demonstrating this work:

Rx Run Documentary (available on Amazon): 

“I Eat Hills for Breakfast”  – interviews with teens and parents.


Monday, September 2, 2019

Episode 22: Certified Running Therapist Rachel Reingewirtz

Episode 22 with Running Therapist Rachel Reingewirtz is available on most podcast apps, including Apple, Spotify, Google and Anchor!  This is our first in what we hope will be a series of episodes on running as therapy, hosting leading Running Therapists from across the globe...

Rachel on a daily run with young people in Israel
In this episode Rachel guides us on a very down-to-earth realistic view of the start and development of Running Therapy, and how she has seen its usefulness in action, from treating anxiety/depression to working with at risk youth in Israel. Being trained by its founder Thaddeus Kostrubala, MD (The Joy of Running and Paleoanalysis) who spearheaded research into slow long distance running actually being good for the body-mind-spirit in the 70s , she saw his foundation of all that would follow in neuroanalysis research and mindful running movements today. Through talk therapy while running, she is able to achieve much deeper and much quicker breakthroughs than in traditional therapy. We also discuss the overall therapeutic benefits of running, and hope for its development as a holistic mental health therapy and human connector, inspiration and possibility for treating many more mental health challenges in the future.  More details also on Rachel’s website:

  • Links to Dr. Kostumbala's groundbreaking work starting running therapy:

*Other Running Therapists whose work is widely available: 

SCOTT DOUGLAS's book "Running is my Therapy" (Runners World writer mentioned in podcast)
* WILLIAM PULLEN (UK Therapist) has been featured in several podcasts and articles as well for his work and book "Running with Mindfulness", as well as DRT Therapy method including a free APP (link below)

Therapist Dann McGann in North America, known for innovative work with 
teens and outstanding documentary film on this work, "Rx Run":
Trailer & Film Website:
Film on Amazon:

*Hey, there's an APP for that:

  1. You can find Dr. Pullen's free "DRT" (Dynamic Running Therapy) itunes/android.  
  2. You can also find several Mindful Running Meditations on INSIGHT TIMER (world's largest free meditation app) by searching for "Running Anthropologist".