Thursday, March 26, 2020

Episode 37: Health and Running in Covid-19 Times: featuring Dr. David Niehman & RD Sandi Lake

Episode 37 we explore two paths of inquiry around Covid19- 1st- Exercise health myths / realities with one of the foremost researchers in immunology and exercise science, Dr. David Nieman.  2nd- We explore some of the practical side of racing and options for them during this time - from an experienced Race Director with an extremely honest and hopeful outlook, Sandi Lake.

Dr. Nieman explains some of his advice and tips for staying healthy in general as a runner, and during this time of isolation, and what boundaries are best to set. Dr. Nieman is a pioneer in the research area of exercise immunology as he helped establish that regular moderate exercise actually lowers upper respiratory tract infection rates while improving "immunosurveillance" overall. In this episode, he also explains some of his background and other research that connects to running and immunology; including nutrition and stress. He is a professor of health and exercise science at Appalachian State University, and director of the Human Performance Labs at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis. His current research is focused on nutrition and what this can do to counter to exercise-induced immune dysfunction, as well as how extreme exertion can lead to short term immuno-compromise, such as with endurance athletes.

Link to Dr. Niehman's research:

Sandi Lake has over 30 years of event planning experience, many of those dedicated to run/walk events, which she does full time now as a nationally well known RD in Tampa Bay area. In this interview she gives a great perspective on cancelled races and alternatives, as well as how best to think about each race during the Covid19 crisis. She and her organization "Lake 2" provide services for helping to plan races and RD charities and corporations. Above all, she focuses on the hope and positive outlook for the future. 
For small non-profits and community races, Sandi’s expertise is welcomed guidance and wisdom through the entire process, and she definitely shows her passion for those organizations and their causes in this short 20 minute interview.

Link to Lake 2:

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Episode 36: Westin Galloway, Reflections on The Running Shoe Industry

Episode 36: Westin Galloway, Reflections on The Running Shoe Industry

Westin at Feb 2020 Run Disney victory, near his new home in Orlando area

Westin made the journey to join us at the University of South Florida's campus for this interview, to discuss his insights and reflections from working in the running shoe industry over the last 15 years, and growing up in this culture as well (Westin's father Jeff Galloway started the first specialty running shoe dedicated store in the US in 1975).

Westin & Carissa Galloway, recent trip to Kenya
Westin also started out his career at Phidippides in Atlanta (featured in Episode 34: America's Marathon Weekend episode), after successful collegiate track and cross country varsity running at Wake Forest University. Westin then went on to work for both Mizuno and ASICS until just before this interview, and has traveled the globe to explore and develop new shoe technology, and most of all figure out what we as runners need in a shoe. In particular, Westin shares how he has been impressed by the R&D (Research and Development) process he has seen within running-dedicated companies. He explains how a shoe goes from concept to consumer in less than a year, and all that goes into this process on the back end. He also comments on how new technologies are evolving to allow us to run farther and put less stress on the body, from stride to energy efficiency.

Westin also touches on a few stories from running culture that demonstrate what he has seen and believes represent the diversity of runners, including his frequent trips to Japan and recent trip to Kenya with ASICS.  Last but not least, we reflect on his own goals and where he sees unique corners of the running world as opportunities that haven't yet been explored, that he would like to be a part of in the near future!

The ASICS shoes he found on the feet of successful Kenyan marathoner!
Phidippides Running Store in Atlanta & online:


Run Disney Official Site:

FYI, The story of Phidippides, the "first marathoner":

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Episode 35: Liz Warner, Runs to Reach Women, 30 Global Marathons

In Episode 35, we follow Liz Warner's Run to Reach project as she tries to reach women's organizations and women runners in the toughest corners of the globe, by 1) fundraising to support them through grassroots impact organizations in those countries, and 2) running one of the most challenging marathons on the globe on their home turf.  Did we mention she was doing 30 of these, before she turns 30? (list below)...

Watch the video and her fundraising goal, of reaching women's organizations in 30 countries, and asking each of us in the running community that cares to give just $26 towards it! (2600 of us)

In fact, Liz is down to her last 3, having run 1-2 marathons per month over 2019 and the start of 2020, including the Atlanta Marathon for her US choice, on her home turf!  An Atlanta native, Liz knew she wanted to make an impact and change her life trajectory, and set out to create her own reality by doing something that resonated with her soul to help others in the best way she could... by feeling their lived experience and challenging herself as much as she could in a visceral way through each marathon, and in a concrete way by giving of her own finances and asking others to do so through her work.

Tokyo Marathon - June 2013
Seoul International Marathon- March 2014
Kuala Lumpur Marathon (Malaysia) -
October 2014
Singapore OSIM Sundown Marathon (Singapore) - July 2015
Bagan Temple Marathon (Myanmar) - November 2016
Paris Marathon (France) - April 2017
Beirut Marathon (Lebanon) - November 2017
Vienna Marathon (Austria) - April 2018
Porto Marathon (Portugal) - November 2018
Ooredo Doha Marathon (Qatar) - January 11 2019
Al Mouj Muscat Marathon (Oman) - January 18 2019 -
Dar Al Atta’a Sahara Marathon (Algeria) - February 27 2019 -
Sandblast Arts Guatemala Impact Marathon (Guatemala) - March 10 2019 - Seres
Two Oceans Marathon (South Africa) - April 20 2019 - Population Services International
Run the Silk Road Marathon (Kyrgyzstan) - May 11 2019 - Helvetas
Sierra Leone Marathon (Sierra Leone) - May 26 2019 - Street Child
Victoria Falls Marathon (Zimbabwe) - July 7 2019 - Campaign for Female Education
Australia Outback Marathon (Australia) - July 27 2019 - NATSIWA
Sunrise to Sunset Marathon (Mongolia) - August 7 2019 - Mongolian Women’s Fund
Patagonia International Marathon (Chile) - September 7 2019 - Fondo Alquimia
Marathon International de Diego Suarez (Madagascar) - September 29 2019 - 4 a Woman
The Marathon of Afghanistan (Afghanistan) - October 11 2019 - Free to Run
Marathon de Côte d’Ivoire (Côte d’Ivoire) - November 15 2019 - Empow’Her
Del Mar a la Cima (Colombia) - December 1 2019 - Fondo Lunaria
Luxor Egyptian Marathon (Egypt) - January 17 2020 - Heya Masr
Somaliland Marathon (Somaliland) - February 2020 - Edna Adan Hospital Foundation
2020 Publix Atlanta (USA) - March 1 2020 - Back on My Feet
Socotra Marathon Challenge (Yemen) - March 1 2020 - SaferWorld
The Crete Marathon (Greece) - April 12 2020 - The Melissa Foundation
Everest Marathon (Nepal) - May 29 2020 - Putali Nepal

"LIz Warner, Run to Reach Women Marathons" is available on most podcast apps, including Google, Apple, Anchor, Spotify and Overcast...

The Run to Reach Website, with more info and fun stats:

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Episode 34: America's Marathon Weekend: An Audio RunDocumentary on ATL Trials and Marathon

Episode 34: America's Marathon Weekend: An Audio RunDocumentary on ATL Trials and Marathon can be heard on most podcast apps, including Google, Apple, Spotify and Anchor.
Below is a photo collage to accompany our Audio Documentary, at various points throughout the weekend.  Description and links below following the photos!

Phidippides Manager Sloan Ware, introducing Running Anthropologists to Atlanta and the Trials weekend

Male Leaders, passing on Peachtree 1st Loop
Females, on Peachtree 2nd Loop

Cheer Zone, "Oldest Running Store in the US" Tailgate
Finish Line, at Centennial Park (Jocob Riley)

Press Conference photo, Top 3 Qualifiers Female: Molly, Alphine and Sally
Abdi Abdirahman's two sons after the win, supporting him by cheering in the Subway

Mark Lane-Holbert (host) and Bob Shea (subject of Atlanta Marathon documentary, first time marathoner)

Mark and Bob at the Torch and Rings, site of 1996 Olympic Stadium in Atlanta

In this episode, we give you a play-by-play from America’s Marathon weekend, including the US 2020 men’s and women’s marathon trial; during, finish, press conference with our qualifiers, as well as interviews afterwards with Olympic hopefuls on leap day Sat. Feb29th! We also cover what it’s like to be part of the Atlanta running community, from cheering on the streets to volunteering and being a runner in the Publix Atlanta Marathon, which happened the day after, today on Sun. March 1. We do this in the style of a public media documentary in which we try to have as many diverse voices as possible, including following a first time marathoner thru the experience. Please subscribe and share with others if you like learning about the culture of running in this way... And also message us to share your stories / check us out on Instagram/FB @runninganthropologist 
FYI, notable results of the Trials:
1. Galen Rupp — 2:09:20

2. Jacob Riley — 2:10:02
3. Abdi Abdirahman — 2:10:03
4. Leonard Korir — 2:10:06
5. Augustus Maiyo — 2:10:47
6. Martin Hehir — 2:11:29
7. Clayton Albertson — 2:11:49
8. Jonas Hampton — 2:12:10
9. Colin Bennie — 2:12:14
10. Matt McDonald — 2:12:19
12. Scott Fauble — 2:12:39
18. Bernard Lagat — 2:14:23
22. Jim Walmsley — 2:15:05
27. Jared Ward — 2:15:55

1. Aliphine Tuliamuk — 2:27:23

2. Molly Seidel — 2:27:31
3. Sally Kipyego — 2:28:52
4. Des Linden — 2:29:03
5. Laura Thweatt — 2:29:08
6. Stephanie Bruce — 2:29:11
7. Emma Bates — 2:29:35
8. Kellyn Taylor — 2:29:55
9. Nell Rojas — 2:30:29
10. Julie Kohnen — 2:30:43
26. Jordan Hasay — 2:37:57

Links from the episode:  

Phidippides Running, Atlanta

Official Trials Website:

Atlanta Track Club: