Thursday, March 5, 2020

Episode 34: America's Marathon Weekend: An Audio RunDocumentary on ATL Trials and Marathon

Episode 34: America's Marathon Weekend: An Audio RunDocumentary on ATL Trials and Marathon can be heard on most podcast apps, including Google, Apple, Spotify and Anchor.
Below is a photo collage to accompany our Audio Documentary, at various points throughout the weekend.  Description and links below following the photos!

Phidippides Manager Sloan Ware, introducing Running Anthropologists to Atlanta and the Trials weekend

Male Leaders, passing on Peachtree 1st Loop
Females, on Peachtree 2nd Loop

Cheer Zone, "Oldest Running Store in the US" Tailgate
Finish Line, at Centennial Park (Jocob Riley)

Press Conference photo, Top 3 Qualifiers Female: Molly, Alphine and Sally
Abdi Abdirahman's two sons after the win, supporting him by cheering in the Subway

Mark Lane-Holbert (host) and Bob Shea (subject of Atlanta Marathon documentary, first time marathoner)

Mark and Bob at the Torch and Rings, site of 1996 Olympic Stadium in Atlanta

In this episode, we give you a play-by-play from America’s Marathon weekend, including the US 2020 men’s and women’s marathon trial; during, finish, press conference with our qualifiers, as well as interviews afterwards with Olympic hopefuls on leap day Sat. Feb29th! We also cover what it’s like to be part of the Atlanta running community, from cheering on the streets to volunteering and being a runner in the Publix Atlanta Marathon, which happened the day after, today on Sun. March 1. We do this in the style of a public media documentary in which we try to have as many diverse voices as possible, including following a first time marathoner thru the experience. Please subscribe and share with others if you like learning about the culture of running in this way... And also message us to share your stories / check us out on Instagram/FB @runninganthropologist 
FYI, notable results of the Trials:
1. Galen Rupp — 2:09:20

2. Jacob Riley — 2:10:02
3. Abdi Abdirahman — 2:10:03
4. Leonard Korir — 2:10:06
5. Augustus Maiyo — 2:10:47
6. Martin Hehir — 2:11:29
7. Clayton Albertson — 2:11:49
8. Jonas Hampton — 2:12:10
9. Colin Bennie — 2:12:14
10. Matt McDonald — 2:12:19
12. Scott Fauble — 2:12:39
18. Bernard Lagat — 2:14:23
22. Jim Walmsley — 2:15:05
27. Jared Ward — 2:15:55

1. Aliphine Tuliamuk — 2:27:23

2. Molly Seidel — 2:27:31
3. Sally Kipyego — 2:28:52
4. Des Linden — 2:29:03
5. Laura Thweatt — 2:29:08
6. Stephanie Bruce — 2:29:11
7. Emma Bates — 2:29:35
8. Kellyn Taylor — 2:29:55
9. Nell Rojas — 2:30:29
10. Julie Kohnen — 2:30:43
26. Jordan Hasay — 2:37:57

Links from the episode:  

Phidippides Running, Atlanta

Official Trials Website:

Atlanta Track Club:

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