Thursday, March 26, 2020

Episode 37: Health and Running in Covid-19 Times: featuring Dr. David Niehman & RD Sandi Lake

Episode 37 we explore two paths of inquiry around Covid19- 1st- Exercise health myths / realities with one of the foremost researchers in immunology and exercise science, Dr. David Nieman.  2nd- We explore some of the practical side of racing and options for them during this time - from an experienced Race Director with an extremely honest and hopeful outlook, Sandi Lake.

Dr. Nieman explains some of his advice and tips for staying healthy in general as a runner, and during this time of isolation, and what boundaries are best to set. Dr. Nieman is a pioneer in the research area of exercise immunology as he helped establish that regular moderate exercise actually lowers upper respiratory tract infection rates while improving "immunosurveillance" overall. In this episode, he also explains some of his background and other research that connects to running and immunology; including nutrition and stress. He is a professor of health and exercise science at Appalachian State University, and director of the Human Performance Labs at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis. His current research is focused on nutrition and what this can do to counter to exercise-induced immune dysfunction, as well as how extreme exertion can lead to short term immuno-compromise, such as with endurance athletes.

Link to Dr. Niehman's research:

Sandi Lake has over 30 years of event planning experience, many of those dedicated to run/walk events, which she does full time now as a nationally well known RD in Tampa Bay area. In this interview she gives a great perspective on cancelled races and alternatives, as well as how best to think about each race during the Covid19 crisis. She and her organization "Lake 2" provide services for helping to plan races and RD charities and corporations. Above all, she focuses on the hope and positive outlook for the future. 
For small non-profits and community races, Sandi’s expertise is welcomed guidance and wisdom through the entire process, and she definitely shows her passion for those organizations and their causes in this short 20 minute interview.

Link to Lake 2:

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