Friday, February 14, 2020

Episode 33: 15 Minutes with Tokyo Marathon RD Tadaaki Hayano

Episode 33: 15 Minutes with Tokyo Marathon RD Tadaaki Hayano
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Tadaaki Hayano is the Race Director of the Tokyo Marathon and the CSO of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation.mUnder his leadership, Tokyo Marathon joined as the newest member of the World Marathon Majors.Series, of 6 races. He is a member of the general affairs committee of the JAFF, the road running commission of the World Athletics, the sports health department of the Japan Sports Agency’s sports commission, and the committee member of NAS-PEHDM, Cabinet office, Gov. of Japan. 

He was involved with running from a young age and has lived all over the world through his involvement with the sport of running. In 1976, he was the national high school champion in the men’s 800m. After graduating from the University of Tsukuba in Health and Physical Education, he was a high school teacher, then later becoming the manager for ASICS in Boulder, CO., and the managing director for NISHI Sports. He later joined Tokyo Marathon from initial year of 2017, worked to enter the event in the Abbott World Marathon Majors!

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