Sunday, July 28, 2019

Episode 16: Team 413 - Gracerunner Ministries featuring Founder/Director Chris Gillespie

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Featuring Team 413 "Gracerunner Ministries", a non-profit Christian organization
Chris and Kiki staffing the Walt Disney World Marathon 2018

"Gracerunners" is the term that Chris coins his running chaplains across the world, tens of thousands of them, all of whom wear Team 413 shirts to display their willingness to support and love others unconditionally anywhere, through their running. Faith is thus often a secondary topic, if one "expresses a need for prayer or is seeking guidance". Chris started this nonprofit organization after being paralyzed in a rare running accident, and the story he shares offers some reflection for all of us as to how quickly our running lives can be stopped, and why we should cherish each moment of each day.  He also believes that there is something about distance running that stirs the soul to share our innermost desires and struggles, and inclines us to spiritual life.

Chris was an athletic trainer at the 1996 Olympics in Track and Field, and has been inducted into the national hall of fame for Athletic Trainers.  He has worked with some of the most elite US athletes, and lets this experience and his knowledge of pain through his own comeback to running guide him in conversations with distance runners he finds every weekend out in the field.

It took him over a decade to find his way back to distance running, and fermented the reason why he wanted to be there for others who face similar struggles in recovery from injuries; in running, faith and personal life, by founding Team 413. He and his wife Kiki have now traveled the US and the globe for 17 years to spread their message of their faith in Christ, their unconditional acceptance of everyone and of perseverance in running and in life. Most of all he wants to leave a positive mark on the running world through his beliefs and share the power that his following the gospel message has led to with anyone who wants to hear it.  Chris "doesn't believe we find people in their most need in church pews on Sunday", but rather "at a marathon, on the road or at an expo". Regardless of your religious or non-religious convictions, I believe you will find his story inspiring and compelling to put into action your deepest desires and goals, in running and in life.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Episode 15: So You Want to Start a 5K? Featuring Kelsey Redmann and Katie Mercer

"Episode 15: So You Want to Start a 5K?"  Available on most podcast apps, including Apple, Google, Spotify and Anchor

Upper Rt. Katie (center) and Kelsey(right), Mid: Race Registartion, Below: Start of 1Mile Fun Run

Katie Mercer and Kelsey Redman (above right) are Co-Directors for a successful small town 4th of July race, The Beaverton Firecracker 5K (and 1 Mile Fun Run), which has grown year after year and they've just completed their 6th consecutive annual. They have learned a lot along the way, experienced challenges and gained insight from others, now have a great deal of wisdom to share with potential startup race organizers. There is a learning curve, and runners tend to share as races grow, if they are well organized and implemented, and listening to the runners.  Among the topics we discuss in this episode:

- Logistics: costs and registration

- "Running for a Cause", choosing a charity

-  Race course determination & setup 

- Chip timed or traditional?

Community Partnerships & Donations, Seeking Sponsorship

- Advertising: word of mouth and social media

- Swag: medals, shirts and prizes

- How and why to recruit volunteers

Short RunDoc Clips:
Running Anthropologist was there, and even filmed some of the setup. We have several videos in normal time and also a GoPro Timelapse x10 Speed of the entire 5k race course itself, which can be viewed from our:
 Youtube Page and 
Facebook page.  
The course was about 1/3 city, 1/3 cross country and 1/3 country roads, traveling through a beautiful part of Michigan and surrounded by Amish Country.  Thanks to The Beaverton Community Center, pictured in background below, which enabled this 5K to happen and also serves as the center of the community in many ways, hosting many such events, nonprofit organizations, library and youth programming.
Paula Shoyer, Kelsey Redman & myself (Mark Lane-Holbert)

Monday, July 1, 2019

Episode 14: Parenting/Coaching tips for Young Runners with Prof. Dr. Marc Karver and son KJ Karver

Episode 14: Parenting/Coaching tips for Young Runners, featuring Marc and KJ Karver on raising & training a successful, globally aware and happy runner through elementary and middle school, and on navigating the transition to competitive high school varsity Track and Cross Country.
Available to listen on most podcast apps (Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor)
Mark Karver (center) and KJ left of him, and Middle School Team

KJ has also been a US national champion at longer distance track running for his age group, as well as State Finalist in his 8th grade year recently finishing Middle School, in the 1500m and 3000m. KJ and his most frequent running partner (father, Marc) take us along for some of their favorite runs across the globe in recent years, including most notably Olympic tracks which are accessible to the public in most countries: Sydney, London,
KJ, Jen (mom) and Marc (dad) after a local Tampa race
Malaysia, Stockholm and Germany.  They offer practical tips about finding runs "before you go" to fit into your training routine and how to reset your internal clock so you are able to run fresh in a new time zone (see Mayo Clinic link below). We also discuss how to identify good coaches that are certified, what to look for in a balanced training cycle and how to gradually build to longer distances and more challenging workouts. (See links to AAU, USATF and training forum below)... We find out the joys, as well as a few of the challenges and mistakes made along the way as well!
Here are some of the highlights from tips they shared with us during this episode, if you need a preview or a review:
- Running should always be "by choice" and you should involve lots of different sports and a diversity of activity as this will help young people to both stay in shape and not get bored with "running only", but keep in mind injury risk and limit high injury sports in the off-season if possible.
- Keep in mind the social factor: for many teens, this is more important than any other motivating factor, so involve their peers / join groups of people in their training whenever possible.
- Build up to running distances gradually to make running more fun and approachable (for example, plan it out, like adding 1/2 mile to long runs each week)
-  Find a certified coach wherever you are, through AAU ( or USATF (search for a certified club near you:
- Seek out new routes and running spaces online before you travel to a new city, that are appropriate for a youth workout.
- Rotate shoes to help prevent injury, from two to five pair depending on the amount of miles you are putting on. If there is pain and possible injury, this may help with prevention, but you should always consult a certified coach and medical professional.
- For advanced competitive runners even at a young age, you should follow the 2 days of easy/recovery runs for every "hard" or race pace workout that you do. These could for example be combined with a 7 day or 14 day cycle that includes one day off.
- Keep in mind that you should taper and run less miles/ less hard workouts before an important competition, and limit the number they are competing in at major competitions (even if they qualify).
- forum, which Marc suggests to research further and follow certified coaches or recognized coaches for your age group to avoid pitfalls:
- Check out the Mayo Clinic for advice about time zones and travel: AND
Start of "Run Tampa" Sunday Goody Goody run along Bayshore, with Marc and KJ far left of picture
MS Track competition, KJ turning on the sprint at the end!

Running waterfront in Tampa with future HS teammates & Marc keeping up in the rear :-)