Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Episode 73: Running with Richelle Weeks, Physiotherapist


Richelle Weeks, Physiotherapist, MSc.

Our guest this episode is a talented Physiotherapist and accomplished runner in her own right who has helped many reach their full potential and stay happy and healthy in their running, who also happens to be running the Chicago marathon this week! Richelle Weeks specializes in the treatment and prevention of running injuries and has her own practice in Ottawa, Canada. She is trained in Physiotherapy (Masters degree from Dalhousie Univ.), and also holds a degree in Kinesiology degree. Her dual loves of running and Physiotherapy fermented in 2009 as she combined her passion for running with her career, and began focusing almost exclusively on helping runners achieve their best and avoid injury. She started a popular training program in person and online to help individuals prevent injury, which is how we found her. She also practiced in Goose Bay, Labrador for 10 years at a rural hospital, then in 2018 I moved with her family to Ottawa where I began working in private practice.

As we all know, distance running can strain and damage soft tissue like tendons, ligaments, smaller muscles and nerves. An expert sports physical therapist or physiotherapist can perform soft tissue treatments to relieve swelling and pain in these areas and increase functionality for better running, and can provide elements of strength training and "pre-hab" to prevent injury in problem areasThey may also advise runners on proper form, training methods, strategies for preventing injuries, and proper shoe selection and work with them to develop a plan, tailored to their specific needs, for successful running. This is ideally done in tandem with a trained distance running coach, and in some cases, like today's guest, may be one in the same! She loves finding solutions for others and helping others to become more patient runners, to meet their goals via small pieces in each build. She also helps runners to making running "sustainable, consistent and see the big picture". 

We hope that all runners find a Physio or PT they can trust, that specializes in running or can relate as runner to the struggles we have!  This episode may be the beginning of the journey. Please feel free to reach out to Richelle with any questions:

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Instagram: Richelle Weeks (@runningwithrichelle)

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