Monday, March 7, 2022

"Unite for Ukraine" Challenge, Walk/Run Miles for Direct Relief

 "Unite for Ukraine" Challenge, A Peace Pilgrimage- Walk/Run Miles for Direct Relief

Instructions: Using the Challenge Google Doc, 

1) Pledge an amount/mile. 

2) Walk/Run & Log your Miles (you can also use the virtual pilgrimage app "Camino for Good"- will send an invite when you register using the google doc).

3) Donate using Direct Relief link provided whenever you're able! 

Note: You could also donate NOW based upon your goal mileage. 

4) As you go, PLEASE POST & SHARE inspiration/updates/photos with #UniteforUkraine - Share this challenge & JOIN the WhatsApp group, to learn more!

Shared by "Die Hard Running" Club of Kyiv, UA (@diehardrunningua)

We are trying to get local businesses/employers to match the challenge mile for mile, dollar for dollar- and will hopefully have more partners in the coming weeks - let us know if you recruit one, and we'll post their info here & on social media! 

Questions or ideas?  DM us @RunningAnthropologist on Instagram or Facebook!

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