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Episode 65: Achilles International, with Ellie Cox-Nihill

 Episode 65: Achilles International, with Ellie Cox-Nihill can be heard on most podcast Apps, including Apple, Google, Spotify and Anchor!

Posing with a friend, organizing nearby races!

In this episode we discuss all things Achilles, including their work with athletes of all abilities, empowering and supporting relationships between individuals. Both learn and grow as a result of these partnerships, athletes and volunteer guides (also athletes themselves). The magic is in local clubs, and the practice and fun together throughout the year building up to a major event, like NYC Marathon or Disney races!

Ellie has a great deal to share, and has been with the organization since 2008, and is in charge of US Chapters development and the online virtual clubs who meet for those who do not have local chapters. I am the direct beneficiary of this new virtual space, and connect with athletes from across the country learning to run through a training program, and inspiring one another. I might add that volunteers learn as much if not more from the experience, and as anyone who has been a guide will tell you: it transforms their run/walking and their relationship with the sport.  

Ellie organizing virtual events!

Ellie also shares a bit about the history and how she became inspired by her local New York City chapter, and what she has learned along the way supporting athletes for over a decade in events they dream of completing. What many thought was unimaginable are empowered to line up toe to toe with the elite athletes of the world, and learn from each other, overcoming challenges and sharing joy and hope!  

Among the many resources, one can visit and find out how to get involved or contribute at

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Below are the essentials, at a glance about their mission and programs:

Achilles International, a global organization operating in 18 countries including the US, transforms the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs and social connection. Since our founding in 1983, we have empowered over 150,000 athletes of all ages and ability levels to participate in endurance events around the globe.

Achilles International’s portfolio of programs includes the Achilles Freedom Team which serves wounded military personnel and veterans; Achilles Kids which provides training, race opportunities, and an in-school program for children with disabilities; the TriAchilles Team which expands our running program into biking and swimming; Achilles Chapter workouts; and, our signature Hope & Possibility® race which takes place in several cities worldwide.

While our programs focus on running, our main objective has always been to bring hope, inspiration, and the joys of achievement to all.


United States: 28 Chapters in 19 States (+D.C.)

International: 42 Chapters in 17 Countries

And a bit more about Ellie from her sporty bio, as she heads into retirement and new adventures... from Achilles -

"She joined Achilles in 1996 and ran the 2000 NYC Marathon. Ellie directed Achilles NYC from Sept. 2009 through 2010 and assumed responsibility for U.S. Chapter Development in 2011. She coordinates all aspects of the AWD Family Reunion area post-NYC Marathon. With a BS in Media and Culture from SUNY/Empire State College and a Project Management Certificate from Baruch College, Ellie is also certified by the American Sailing Association in basic sailing, cruising, and navigation and coaches whenever possible."

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