Thursday, January 9, 2020

Episode 31: The Impact Marathon Series with Founder/CEO Nick Kershaw

Episode 31: The Impact Marathon Series with Founder/CEO Nick Kershaw
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Nick Kershaw giving a group talk
The Impact Marathon Series is all about unleashing the power of running to change the world, and making an impact through the combination of knowledge building, running and volunteering on a community created project in Nepal, Malawi, Kenya, Guatemala and Jordan.  The exciting part is engaging with the UN Global Development Goals on a grassroots level and being a part of the solution along with (rather than apart from) communities in these countries.

Nick and all the the organizers rely on local hosts and have depth of experience in running event organizing.  The culmination of the week is a marathon or half marathon in an iconic race course, for example in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, or experiencing the desert and historic ruins in Jordan.  Kenya, Malawi and Guatemala all weave through terrain that one may never experience elsewhere.  Each Saturday local runners join the 50 program participants to put the total number of participants at 200-300, allowing for a much more personal experience than big international marathons.

However, Nick tells us that by far the most important part of the program is the impact that the runners have on those communities, in terms of empowerment and encouragement.  Nick explains that runners will bring back firsthand experience into some of the most challenging global problems, such as water shortages, climate change and permaculture helping to reform landscapes!

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The Impact blog is a good spot to find all the stories from recent runners and organizers, challenges and joys of the entire experience.
From Nick's LinkedIn blogs (don’t do enough of this!)
From an Impact Runner firsthand point of view:,  an epic trilogy on his time in Nepal... 
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"You come for the running, you return for the people."

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