Saturday, December 28, 2019

Episode 30: Year in Review & 2020 Vision with Sanjay Rawal, Trish Trout, Jorge Garcia and Michael Wardian

Episode 30: Year in Review & 2020 Vision! Is available on most podcast apps, including Apple, Google, Anchor, Overcast and Spotify...

In this episode we recap some of the culture of running uncovered this past year & important events in running during 2019 finishing a decade of dramatic increase in distance running, and look forward to the next decade...

To do so, we catch up with 4 veteran guests of the podcast that have unique 2020 vision, who offer some advice for a prosperous running year ahead!

Sanjay Rawal shares his insight into starting back as a marathoner and how he prepared for the California International Marathon to run a 2.5 hour marathon and qualify for Boston. He also shares his "effort", struggle as the inward journey of meditation while running, and we discuss other mental aspects of running. We also touch on the importance of rest cycles and time for the body to rejuvinate in order to enjoy running and preparing for the next event. Sanjay speaks more about his running documentary film project "3100: Run and Become" is Episode 21 of the podcast as well.

Trish Trout shares some practical tips regarding running an international marathon (Berlin in 2019), and her quest to get into and run all of the World Marathon Majors. She discusses goals for 2020 and ways to "keep the fun in the run". One of the most contagiously enthusiastic runners, fundraiser and general positive person, her efforts with "Team Freedom" (supporting Abolition International, Hope 4 Justice) inspire many to join, at Gasparilla in Tampa, FL and other races. Trish goes into more detail on this fundraising effort and Boston Marathon in Episode 2 of the Running Anthropologist Podcast.

Jorge Garcia, our favorite race pacer clocking many events this year in St. Louis and across the globe, walks us through what it's like to join a professional team (Michelob Ultra) and run several major marathons in one fall season spanning less than two months (Sydney- Australia, Chicago, Marine Corps in D.C., New York). He discusses the difference between training for one large target marathon and running many for the experience, a jack of all trades so to speak. Either way, his enthusiasm and joy for running translate into some great perspective and advice for starting out 2020. Jorge was also featured in EPISODE 5 of the Running Anthropologist Podcast.

Lastly, Mike Wardian (also Episode 4) discusses constantly challenging himself with new creative multi-day marathons and Ultra events. He also highlights some of his #1 picks for running events, as well as the book he has co-authoring (along with many other expert adventure runners) his first book collaboration "Epic Runs of the World", an amazing new running guide book by Lonely Planet. He lastly talks about his goal for 2020: to see more of his home country and get to know the quiet corners of it by running from coast to coast, and another possible world record attempt!

Links and Info:
From Mike Wardian:
Epic Runs of the World, Lonely Planet Shop & Amazon (Co-Authored by Mike Wardian and ~25 other running experts, sharing over 200 unique runs across the US and globe)
From Trish Trout: The Berlin Marathon and Team Freedom-
Hope for Justice team training with Team Freedom!
#Gasparilla Gasparilla Distance Classic

From Sanjay Rawal, his documentary film 3100:Run and Become

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