Monday, October 28, 2019

Episode 27: Marine Corps Marathon LIVE from Washington, D.C.

Episode 27- our "Ultra Episode" features Wear Blue Run to Remember members (including Rosanna Powers), Jorge Garcia (former service member, featured in previous episode), Matt O'Neil (3rd Place Overall Marathon Finisher) and Michael Wardian (First Overall 50K Finisher), as well as many others... Spectators, Marine volunteers and a winning Para/Duo dad and son.
It is available on most podcast apps, including Google, Anchor, Spotify and Apple...
Above: Podium of 50K winners
Bottom: Me, Michael Wardian (Center) Lisa Reichmann (right, 3rd 50K Womens)

This episode attempts to take us along on a play by play of the MCM weekend, bringing stories, sights and sounds from various parts of a very inspiring event, and historic one in someways being the first running of the Ultra as part of MCM's series!  We attempt to capture the culture behind the event, and do a bit of ethnography work; following the people that have made Running Anthropologist's coverage of MCM possible, pulling everything together from their training and experience at MCM this year.  Hope you enjoy it, and share it with others!

Photos from the Day, corresponding to the podcast interviews and locations:

Kids Race Day, Saturday 1 Mile and medals by Marines (as with all races)

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Wreath Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington: Wear Blue Gold Star Race Runners, Meet to visit and plan

Expo Meetups: Jorge Garcia Left, Mark Center

Metro to Race Start: Ponchos and Costumes (Santa and Waldo showed up early)

Medical Tent Volunteers

Matt O'Neil FINALLY getting some sun post-Podium, with the MCM Marathon Trophy

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