Sunday, October 6, 2019

Episode 25: Marathon Series Kickoff with the Chicago Marathon & More: Randa Mahmu-Ulankiewicz, Co-hosted by Meghan Lane-Holbert

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Randa's Team During 2018 Chicago Marathon

In this special 25th episode we take ten minutes to introduce our upcoming series on the Marathon Season in North America... Meghan and Mark Lane=Holbert discuss why they have chosen to cover the Chicago and Marine Corps Marathons the next several episodes, as well as what to expect after that from local Florida Marathons:  Space Coast and Disney races.  They go into a bit of their own favorites and race background developing as a runners, first marathons, etc.

Randa runs...
Speaking of first marathons, our guest Randa Mahmud-Ulankiewicz rounds out the majority of our episode, describing what it is like to be a recent and unlikely new "marathoner", and serving as Co-Captain to organize a group of runners for a charity close to her heart, in the Chicago Marathon. She also explains passionately about her motivation of helping children, a relief effort with The Palestine Children's Relief Fund that brings needed medical care to a conflicted area of the world. She furthermore tells about what it's like to run her first marathon and why it is "a positive, productive thing to do so as part of a team"... In this way, she brings out the best in The Chicago Marathon, explaining how to join as a charity runner, and how to be creative if you can't find what your heart is set on running for. This is a great one to hear about drive and personal inspiration around a cause turning someone into a runner for life, and pulling others along with them!

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ALL CHARITY TEAMS possible for the Chicago Marathon, signup and learn more

2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Team Palestine Link

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