Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Episode 21: Sanjay Raway, The 3100 Mile Transcendence Race, A Running Documentary on Navajo, Buddhist Monks and Kalahari Bushmen

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Film highlight: Navajo Runner Shaun Martin in Desert Ancestral Lands

Film maker Sanjay Rawal

"3100: Run and Become" film website:

Join us on a journey through traditional running cultures and our shared human heritage as runners, from the Kalahari bushmen in Africa to Navajo runners across their ancestral lands, as well as a unique look at Buddhist monks in one of the longest human endurance journeys known to man (previously incorrectly called the "Marathon Monks"). 

Filmmaker Sanjay Rawal examines running as a means of self-transcendence, and particularly in his own practice inspired by following Guru Sri Chinmoy, who in the 70s helped endurance running to grow into what it is in New York and inspired sports and meditation as a peace builders speaking in the United Nations, including the 3100 mile race. Sanjay’s films “3100: Run and Become” (as well as “Food Chains”, based upon Immokalee migrant workers' battle for fair wages and displaying the underside of our agricultural food chain) both help us to think about our place in the world and responsibility to one another and the planet.  Overall, this talk helps us to see our place in a long lineage of runners, and bids us to connect more deeply to the land through "meditation and prayer in every step".

Film website "Food Chains":

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