Saturday, August 10, 2019

Episode 20: 20 Minutes with RunDisney Coach Jeff Galloway: On Injury Prevention, Cross Training and Ideal Run:Walk Ratios

Episode 20: 20 Minutes with Jeff Galloway is available on most podcast apps:  Apple, Google, Spotify, Anchor, etc.

Returning guest Jeff Galloway, the official RunDisney coach for marathon training and founder of the Run:Walk:Run method, sits down to cover some of his most Frequently Asked Questions after his last visit to the podcast.  Among those:
- What do I do to cross train and strength build to prevent injury?
- What exercises are beneficial when I am injured?, and...
- How do I know when I'm doing too much? (What difference in training/mileage buildup should there be for a beginning marathoner vs. experienced runners?)

Going right along with these question, we touch on the ideal "Run:Walk Time Ratio" for various paces and levels, as backed up by current research and data on thousands of runners. Jeff also touches on the importance of adjusting pace according to high temperatures, notably adjusting pace approximately 1 minute/mile slower for every several degrees over 65*.

An extremely useful resource to delve deeper into the above questions is Jeff's flagship book and most up to date with many revisions, "The Run-Walk-Run Method".
PDF quick explanation:
Galloway Website, details on training and opportunities:

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