Thursday, May 23, 2019

Episode 8: Bart Yasso, Running Stories from his time at Runner's World

Episode 8: Featuring Bart Yasso, sharing favorite Running Stories from his time at Runner's World
Bart (second from left) with "Runner's World Cover" Crew
Link to Bart's highlighted stories written for Runner's World
Recently retired as "Chief Running Officer" of Runner's World for many years, Bart Yasso shares about his time supporting races, and covering running stories on scene across the globe.  He encourages us to "never limit where running can take you... spiritually, geographically and physically, emotionally".  He takes us along for a few of his favorites and shares about individuals that have inspired him, through their dedication and joy of running.  Immersed in the running community, he reflects on why people continue to like something that is sometimes punishing and difficult, as well as how to "un-intimidate" new runners, and encourage "non-runners" who want to get started.
He also discusses the "power of running" to bring cities back to life and heal those places that have underwent catastrophes, such as the case of Oklahoma city, New York after 9/11 and Boston.
Jorge Garcia and Bart in NY
We also discuss his view of how lucky we are culturally to live in a place and time we do, in which running is accepted and both sexes are a thriving part of it, and our responsibility to share that with the world and empower/enable others that are marginalized or unsafe to be able to run. Running can also be seen "as a universal equalizer", as we line up with East Africans- thinking about the age old running cultures that are on display at major marathons... and how many of these elite African runners he knows also give so much back to their local communities and culture of their country.
Lastly, we discuss what still surprises him after over 30 years of being called "The Mayor of Running" and how individuals overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles!  Among those, the opportunity to build a race and running support of the Amish community in his home state of Pennsylvania.
Link to Bart's Book, My Life on the Run
Link to Bart's article on Running with the Amish...and the             Bird-in-Hand Half & 5K through Amish Country

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