Sunday, May 12, 2019

Episode 6: Deb Voiles on "The Human Race", Coaching and Training with Run Tampa

Episode 6: Debbie Voiles shares about her new Running Documentary "The Human Race" produced this Spring of 2019, which highlights research on aging and the resilience created by running. It follows four incredible older runners (and one group in Tampa), focusing on studies in exercise science which show us why and how to truly keep healthy (hint: keep running and strength training), and the results are incredible! Not only does running "keep us young" (16 years younger cardio-vascular health on average than non-runners), but actually reduces our joint, heart and other health concerns- if done properly. Of course, Run Tampa runners and their stories are highlighted, but also running ambassador Katherine Switzer (first woman to run the Boston marathon and NY marathon women's champion), on her aged 70 phenomenal running, as well as documenting how others continue running and stay motivated for future challenges.

2019 Release Running Documentary, features Run Tampa runners and Deb

Dave & Deb at one of many "Destination Races"
This episode also highlights Run Tampa and the importance of having a running community, a family to support us and keep us both motivated and injury free (along with sound coaching from a certified coach). We also hear Deb's happenstance story of creating a running club in Tampa, FL, and some of the work it takes to maintain. Her giving back to countless others through coaching and simple approach to telling the truth in the counter-cultural message of "don't run tired and don't run injured" (opposite of "no pain, no gain", along with setting reasonable goals and a slow build of mileage) has allowed others to join in running with astounding ease and success! 
Group Run ready, learning from Trainers/Coaches
The Mojo for Running podcast and Beginner Runner's Village Podcast also serve thousands of individuals in over 150 countries; we highlight them both and talk about her approach to podcasting with a few episode topics, such as "Half Magic", on why the half marathon is just as important to the running community and should be seen as magical in and of itself.
If you have a unique running story, cultural run or just know someone spreading the joy of running in unique with others in a unique way, like Deb, please send us a message! We'd love to hear from you and pass it on...
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