Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Episode 2 (post-post): Boston Marathon Special with Mark Bauman and Trish Trout

Episode 2: The Boston Marathon Special
Mark finishing his 50th Boston, with support from friends

With Bauman Fam after his 50th, generations to look up to!
Featuring Mark Bauman of Flint, MI just after running his 50th Boston Marathon, and Trish Trout of Tampa, Florida on charity running and preparing for the Boston marathon. We also discuss Bauman's Running and Walking Shop, and how running has changed since he opened one of the first running-dedicated stores in the country. Trish Trout also helps us understand some of the culture & impact of the Boston Marathon, on herself and many others!
Charity Runners: Team Freedom in Tampa, FL

Hope for Justice team training with Team Freedom!
#Gasparilla Gasparilla Distance Classic
#crim Crim Races and Events of Flint, MI
#freepmarathon Detroit (Free Press)-Windsor International Marathon

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