Thursday, October 1, 2020

5K A DAY Dedication to Those We've Lost too soon in 2020

Beginning on Sat. Oct.3rd until Nov.3rd we will be running a "5k a day" for 30 days, each one dedicated to the memory of someone we've lost too soon in 2020- would like your help in adding folks and joining us!

 Started by USF Running Club Folks and members of the
Linguistics and Education Department at USF in Tampa, FL

 What? It's a dedicated walk/run of contemplation: part prayer/meditation, part intention of listening to what these individuals' lives offer to teach us, how we might embody change as a running community. 

Creator Mark Lane-Holbert: "I realize this is A VERY SMALL thing, felt we just needed something to grasp onto, to do, during this divergent and traumatic season."

Do you know someone? Below is our list thus far, far too many of our teachers and health care workers who contracted Covid and passed in the line of service, along with a few (representing many) Black Americans who we've lost for no good reason whatsoever. 

Please add ideas of anyone to remember (and why): You can comment here or DM us @runninganthropologist on our Facebook and Instagram, under the "5K A Day" post.

And most importantly, anyone that would like to join us run/walking in any way for any day, you're more than welcome! 
How to complete: Any time, from anywhere, walk or run.  
How to sign up: Just add your name and who you are dedicating that day's 5K to, in comments here or on our Facebook page. If you send us your email, we'll also send you back a virtual bib to print and wear, so you can write something upon it to remind you and others of your dedication.


  1. Sat Oct.3rd- Ahmaud Arbery (shot while jogging)
    Oct.4th- Maria Lopez, RN Chicago, IL health care
    Oct.5th-Demi Bannister, 3rd grade teacher in South Carolina (28 yrs old)
    Oct.6th- Will Murdock, Univ of Miami Health
    Oct.7th-AshLee Demarinis Special Ed. Teacher (34 yrs old)
    Oct.8th- Bredy Mierre Louis, MD Booklyn, NY (Haitian humanitarian)
    Oct.9th- Victor Rivera, Pediatrician from Pennsylvania
    Sat. Oct.10th- Breonna Taylor*
    Oct.11th- Tom Slade, 53 yr old history teacher in MIssissippi
    Nacoma James, teacher/coach at Layfayette Middle School (42 yr old)
    Oct.12th-Yasin Mohamed*
    Oct.13th-Ellyn Shreiner Hospice RN Dayton, Ohio
    Oct.14th-Adriane Medearis*
    Oct.15th-Noel Sinkiat, RN at Howard Univ Wash, DC
    Oct.16th-Miciah Lee*
    Sat. Oct.17th- George Floyd*
    Oct.18th- Carlos Vallejo, MD of Weston Florida
    Oct.19th-Darius Tarver, Jan 21, mental health victim
    Oct.20th-Andrew Smyrna, Jan 23
    Oct.21st-Tamir Rice* 12 yr old- would have been 18 this year.
    Tuesday, Nov.3rd- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (VOTE)

    1. All below have passed from Covid-Related illness:
      Oct.22nd- Samantha Hickey,Pediatric P.A. from Caldwell, Ohio (45 yrs. old)
      Oct.23rd- Joshua Obra, R.N. for long-term elderly care, from Long Beach, CA and loved Disneyland (29 yrs old)
      Oct.24th- Brianne Laughing, Addictions Counselor from New Mexico (34 yrs old)
      Oct. 25th- Vincente DeJesus- Hospital RN from Las Vegas, Nevada (39 yrs old)
      Oct.26th- John Granger, EMT and Disaster Relief Worker from Greenville, SC (22 yrs old)
      Oct. 27th- Sarah Roncskevitz, Social Worker from San Francisco, CA and recent UC Berkeley Grad (32 yrs old)
      Oct. 28th- Gerardo Pacheco, Paramedic from Houston, TX (50 yrs old)
      Oct. 29th- Isabelle Papadimitriou Therapist from Dallas, TX
      Oct. 30th- Danny Darby, Nursing Asst. from Gloversville, NY (31 yr-old, cancer survivor)
      Oct.31st- Dr. Milton H.Th.D Wells,Rev.- Church Pastor from Kalamazoo,MI

  2. Dr. Jones Jamal Addoh, humanitarian, husband, and father.
    Frederick "Toots" Hibbert.