Saturday, September 26, 2020

Episode 48: Music, Pandemic Running & Celtic Culture, featuring Marc Gunn

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Marc Gunn is an acclaimed musician and storyteller, on the cultural rhythm and lore of history and fantasy, and hosts the most popular Irish and Celtic music podcast out there, performs and produces his own fusion music on the autoharp, as well as hosting cultural tour "invasions" of all places Celtic!

In this episode, we are treated to some of his uniquely Irish-American wit and story of how he began running during the 2020 pandemic, and just kept going! Great for runners of all levels to hear, he recounts why getting started can be difficult, but the joy of discovering newly being able to run and run and run, such as in his favorite running film, "The Gods Must be Crazy". He also treats us to a few of his original songs, and his exploration of albums over time, which also explore how the Irish diaspora has influenced folk, rock, pop and even jazz in the United States.


He calls his unique genre "Sci F'Irish music", which fuses his love of science fiction, fantasy, and comedy with his Scots-Irish heritage. In this episode, we feature songs about elves, hobbits, dragons to cats, all of course mixed with some familiar Irish pub tunes. He's topped the charts on iTunes and Amazon and won numerous awards. He tells us about "Selcouth", which means “when everything is strange and different, yet you find it marvelous anyway.” About the Celtic Invasion Vacations he plans and leads: "These are small groups of people who want to not just see famous sites, but to experience their culture, history and legends".

What is Celtic exactly? We get into the diversity of Celtic culture, from Scotland and Wales to las Celtas in Galacia, Spain to Celts in Brittany, France, and of course the roaming global Irish expats, who have plotted little cultural embassies in every corner of the globe through Irish Pubs. Marc is open and enthusiastic towards discussing a wide range of interpretation of Celtic culture and influence, from Renaissance Festivals to SciFi fantasy conventions, which allow us to again have a sense of wonder and imagination in a world that is too often confined by stark borders of "what is really xyz, and what is not". Indeed, much of the history of Ireland is transmuted through song and lore (oral storytelling and written prose), an artistic view of a world that interweaves the spiritual fabric into everyday life, and interpretations of the natural world.

Songs we feature in this episode, in order of appearance:

1- As Long as I'm Flying (Title Track), 2018 -2- Gypsy Rover (How America Saved Irish Music) -3- Name on My Soul (Title Track, Kilted Kings), 2017 -4- Jedi's Dargle (Sci Fi Drinking Songs), 2014 -5- New Basin Canal (How America Saved Irish Music), 2014 -6- Furrigone's Wake (The Cat Lover's Companion: Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers), 2007 -7- Elves (Don't Go Drinking with Hobbits), 2018

Check out his website and podcast , runs/walks or movement in any form to some beautiful and well curated music from a diverse array of global musicians, there are sure to be some fun times, some energetic times, and some downright enthralling stories in his music as well:

You can also find/follow his music on Youtube and Spotify!

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