Saturday, May 30, 2020

Episode 43: Congrats to and Wisdom from GRADS, featuring Katalina Cunningham & Trey Morris

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In this episode we take time to listen to the experiences of two recent high school graduates, who are sure to inspire. You will definitely feel both of our guests' passion to serve in their chosen field and goal-setting vision far beyond this Spring semester, and wisdom far beyond their years, which perhaps has carried their positivity and made them such stellar models for peers during this difficult time.  

Katalina Cunningham has taken part in a 3 year preparatory Biomedical program and enrolled as a full time dual enrollment with Winter Park High School earning college credit the last two years. She is also Salutatorian of her high school and has some advice about finding body-mind-spirit balance and engaging in family time & family fitness during isolation. She also shares a few ways that the Class of 2020 are memorable and unique, a defining gift that will be carried with them throughout life. Rather than seeing Covid19 as being denied things, her attitude is much more about abundance, "How can we creatively change and start new traditions?", which perhaps was so at many other high schools and a good practice for all of our institutions. You will definitely feel her passion for the future and desire to serve in this podcast, including a dream to work with Doctors without Borders. We wish her all the best at Rollins College and beyond!  Listen to her Speech on Youtube

Trey Morris (far left) is also looking forward, to a career of service in the US military as an officer.  Due to enter West Point this fall, his fitness and leadership have ultimately led him towards seeking to share his gifts in this way. Having been an excellent high school runner at Berkeley Prep and finished in the top XC runners in the state of Florida, he knows that endurance and goal setting will transfer to other areas of his collegiate and professional life. He also notes the small window of opportunity and magic that is necessary to pull together diverse individuals, and believes that the energy of a team working towards a goal is one that has the potential to apply to many other areas of life, providing motivation and passion. Overall, Trey offers some wisdom to others treading this path behind him, about the importance of hard work and sticking with it, as well as supporting one another in difficult times. Trey has been both his XC and track teams' captain, and says he "had the privilege of spending four years with an incredibly tight team". We wish him luck at the United States Military Academy (USMA), and in all his future service!


Hope this helps and inspires many going through the same!

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