Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Episode 10, Global Running Day Special: "The CRIM" with Joe Dimambro and An Introduction to our Short RunDocs Project with Meghan Lane-Holbert

HAPPY GLOBAL RUNNING DAY!       Listen to the 10th Episode on: Apple  Spotify  Anchor

From Hosts Mark and Meghan exploring the galaxy (Space Coast) & The Crim's Logo of Flint, MI
To celebrate our 10th Episode, we've created a podcast tribute to Flint, Michigan's CRIM Races, (Classic 10 Miler and much more) along with a short pre-introduction to our podcast by my often silent co-producer Meghan Lane-Holbert! We express our gratitude to the HAP CRIM Festival of Races and Fitness/Training Program for joining us for today's episode and agreeing to host our short running documentary coming up this August. The CRIM is not only the premier 10 miler and traditional “end of the summer race” for many in the Midwest, it’s also an institution showcasing the health and positivity of the Flint community, which refuses to be defined by news reports. Did I mention it also has a Michigan Mile, children fun runs, 5k, “Half Crim” 5 miler (providing a combo option for continuous Half Marathon) and health fest, where you’ll experience a community of people coming together of all backgrounds and ability levels?

--- Crim Training Groups---->The people of Flint rally around this yearly ritual to the tune of thousands in training programs for months in preparation, making it a truly year-round event. The crowds look like they too have been in preparation for their day of glory all summer long, turning out in droves to cheer on neighbors as well as runners from far afield (including a contingent of elite runners that have been a hallmark of the classic 10 miler from the beginning). A stone’s throw from Ann Arbor, East Lansing and Detroit, the Michigan Mile in Flint is an especially exciting addition on Friday night, as many of the Midwest’s incredible high school and college runners from the state turn up to try their hand prior to starting fall track and kicking off the scholastic/university running year as well.  Let’s just say it feels like the indy 500 for about 5 minutes in Flint, Michigan’s downtown archway… and that feeling continues into Saturday!

I’ll let the short running documentary speak for itself at the end of August, but until then... consider joining the cadre of volunteer, runners and community leaders turning out to this truly impressive event if you are able. The impact this running institution has on the community of Flint is no less than awesome! Thanks again to Joe Dimambro and everyone at HAP CRIM Festival of Races for allowing us to be a small part of it this year!  Hope to see you there... For Registration/Events or more info: CRIM LINK

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