Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Episode 13: Rogue Expeditions exploring Morocco, Patagonia and Ireland with Running Guide Sean Meehan

Episode 13: Rogue Expeditions with Sean Meehan
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Running Expedition Group salute on rocky terrain!
Who knew that a small group of people with a vision could make such a big impact on running
exploration and discovery? Rogue Expeditions... only a few years old, has created an impressive
number of cultural learning oriented opportunities for runners through local running guides and
community focus. In this podcast we had to stick to a few of their most established ones, so we
discussed 1) it's premier and founding expedition location, Morocco- 2) as well as unique terrain of
Patagonia - and 3) Sean's home turf in Ireland. Our featured guest, guide Sean Meehan, has led
groups for several years, in his home country of Ireland but also across the globe. He spent
years creating running events in event management before finding Running Expeditions and helping
them get many new routes off the ground as a guide. He explains what goes into a typical running
"expedition", why it earns this name via what runners experience through contact with local
communities and supporting host families/family run businesses along the way. He also explains
their philosophy of minimal footprint and maximum cultural immersion, and the importance they
place on allowing "each runner to set their own challenges and go their own distance/pace they
feel comfortable" with on any given day while still experiencing the highlights of a group experience.  
Encouraging each other up a hill in Patagonia!
Sean has himself assisted in organizing hundreds of races in 25 different countries, and thus it
speaks volumes to Rogue Expeditions that he has now dedicated most of his time to them through
planning and guiding several trips each year. In addition to staff like himself in Ireland, all of the
expeditions rely heavily on local running experts as guides, who know the terrain and culture-
in terms of setting itineraries and knowing where to run and when to run in order to maximize
exposure to the culture and geography of a running expedition. In Patagonia, this means spending
time on boat to examine glaciers and meeting with scientists. In Morocco, this means camel caravans,
witnessing nomadic culture and staying overnight in traditional housing on the edge of the desert.
 In Ireland, this may mean connecting with Celtic culture and spirituality through the countryside
and visiting historical castles along with lesser known sites.
Whichever best sparks your imagination, I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy in this episode, and
maybe even inspire you to join on an expedition in the future! Please join us on this journey and many
others by liking our page on Facebook / following us on Instagram: @runninganthropologist

Group takes time to visit the Skoura Door in Morocco
Runners may be found crossing glaciers (Patagonia) or UP ancient ruins (Morocco)

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