Thursday, January 13, 2022

Episode 61: Ultras and Mountain Running, Newton McCollum

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In this episode, we sit down to discuss Ultra running from a relative newbie who has had tremendous success, my friend Newton McCollum. We talk all things running that someone new to trail running and ultra running might need to know, including some of the differences between flatland running and mountain running. Newton also recently moved to Boulder, Colorado, so we discuss some of the differences in running culture and training. We also talk patience and pacing, which are perhaps the most difficult aspects of distances beyond the marathon, known as an "Ultra". This might include popular 50k, 50 milers or 100 milers, or beyond! 

We also discuss the difference between time and distance goal events, including the Florida-based events: Tick Tock Ultra, Croom trail races, and of the Long Haul (100 Miler), Daytona 100!  We finally talk about nationally known races such as the goal race for many ultra athletes: "Western States", the Leadville 100 Miler (which he ran in 2019), and his upcoming Moab Arches Ultra.  To be sure, mountain training has been a huge adjustment for Newton, but one which he revels in as he clocks thousands of miles in elevation some weeks in Colorado. You can follow Newton @newtscootandboogie on Instagram, and check out his recent adventures and upcoming ones on Ultrasignup!  

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