Monday, December 13, 2021

Movement as Medicine: Summary of Movement Therapy Resources

Movement Therapy Summary from December 2021 Mini-Retreat "Movement as Medicine"

Here, movement therapy is applied and understood as a means to promote improved connection of body-mind-spirit, with the therapist and all group members. Moving together towards a higher purpose is the essence of this idea, in which a connection between body-mind-spirit are also explored. Through improved awareness of our spiritual dimension’s impact on the body and brain, a more effective intuition and connection/dialogue with conscience may be fostered. This is especially true in cases where there is a blockage (resentment or fear) which are holding the individual back from accessing the noetic dimension and spiritual growth. Chrisman & Frey (2018) offer an excellent overview of various movement therapies and their origins, for those wishing to start from a broad overview of potential practices. 

I. Talk at Global Logotherapist Conference on Movement Therapy, Walk/Running logotherapy and Recovery:

II. Qigong Sessions (weekly Wednesday morning) on M. Lane Holbert’s Insight Timer page, and recorded guided meditations:



*An excellent example of a dance movement therapeutic session, by Ekin Bernay: A lesson in therapeutic dance movement 

IV. Walk & Talk Therapy, Group Movement Therapy: My interviews with other walk/run therapists, working with individuals in recovery (addiction, loss, trauma, suffering from anxiety/depression):

- William Pullen (Britain), "Dynamic Running Therapy"

- “Team Unbreakable”, with Dan McGann (Canada)- youth walk/run therapy for depression, anxiety

"Run with Love's" interview with me about run/walk therapy

V. "RECOVERY CAMINO", a pilgrimage group experience (virtual or physical pilgrimage small group walk along the Camino de Santiago in Spain several times each year, co-led by a logotherapist and nurse/music therapist)

VI.  12 Step Workshop & Weekly Meetings, in-depth for all addictions:

Zoom Meetings List:

REFERENCES (from mini retreat):

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