Saturday, August 21, 2021

Episode 56: Reflecting on the Olympics, with USATF Coach Gary Aldrich

 Episode 56,"Reflecting on the Olympics with Coach Gary Aldrich" is available on most podcast apps, including Google, Anchor, Apple, Spotify and Anchor!

In this episode, we interview Coach Gary Aldrich about his international coaching career spanning decades, and what it was like to coach with USATF, Team USA Track and Field in the Olympics. Coach Aldrich was specifically responsible for the throwing: javelin, shot put, discus! You know, the things flying around on the infield. We don't get into the technical aspects of the different events, but rather focus on what the Olympic environment was like, the events and the Olympic village spirit. We also discuss the friendly rivalries and the joy of competition.

At several points in the podcast, coach Aldrich gives advice to younger track and field athletes, about post-high school and post-college life. He asserts that the love and joy of sport should be what carries us, despite our level of competition or ability to turn running or field events into a professional career. While it may be a narrow slice of individuals that ever compete or coach at the Olympics, Coach Aldrich demonstrates that one doesn't have to have an elite attitude, but rather an attitude of flexibility and hard work- and most of all willingness to be dedicated and train through difficult periods. To keep dedicated to a sport when even the Olympics was in question was certainly difficult for many athletes, and we commend them for their strength and stick-to-it-iveness to make to to Tokyo and celebrate this international exhibition of sport together. We were proud to watch and even more grateful to share some of the Olympic spirit in this episode with an outstanding coach!  

USA Wins Gold and Silver, Ryan Crowser (OR) and Joe Kovacs

US Women relay team Win Gold

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