Thursday, August 27, 2020

Episode 46: Mario Mendoza on Faith, Hope and Mountains

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Coach Mario on an Ultra Championship Trail (left)
& coaching local team in Bend,Oregon (right)

Ultra running mentor and one of few Latino role models to be seen but growing in the long distance & Ultra world, Mario uses this space he occupies for goals much bigger than himself and his will. With typical Mario humility, he sits down with us to talk about a few of his best race experiences, which helped re-define how he sees himself and the world. Born American, but growing up in a Mexican culture with immigrant parents, his passion to be a bridge between the two cultures shines through projects like: The Beautiful Feet Project. We hear about this in the many relationships he is building locally and internationally with young runners; giving all kids he encounters a better understanding of themselves and their true value, a message filled with hope and faith. Runner or not, his vision and message is inspiring for us in 2020. Could the year of setbacks and stagnation be a year of invitation into deeper relationships and reflection on purpose?

Being a "pastor" (leading others in faith) takes many different forms,
seen above speaking and mentoring others "in the race of life".

A little bit about the platform he has earned and where his works of engaging with the mountains and gratefulness have brought him:
Mario Mendoza was awarded the title of
 Ultra Runner of the Year (USTAF and TrailMag) last year in 2019. He is five time USA Trail National Champion, four time USA Trail Runner of the Year, three time top American runner at Trail World Championships, and ranked number 9 Ultra Runner of the Year. He "feels most alive" and connected to God in mountain running, and loves sharing this vision for the world and our connection with all of creation. He also shares how we are missing these connections in our modern society and why they are so important for our development. A runner, a pastor, a speaker, and husband, he smoothly connects the lessons from endurance racing in the mountains to all aspects of our lives, "to the race that every person is running in life".  You can follow him on Instagram @mendozarunner and link to fundraisers such as the Go Fund Me campaign he hosts for youth running camps every year, granting access to many that do not otherwise have it- to engage in nature and receive outstanding guidance in many facets of life.

Beautiful Feet Project motto:  "How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news..." -Isaiah 52:7

Possible follow-up? Daily devotionals, to join a community online: Seedbed Daily: Center for Action and Contemplation Daily Meditation:

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