Monday, April 20, 2020

Episode 40: Give it a Tri! featuring Triathlete Coach Jeremy Richardson

Episode 40: Give it a Tri! featuring Triathlete Coach Jeremy Richardson is available on most podcast Apps including itunes, Goolge, Spotify and Anchor!

Jeremy Richardson, Founder of "Top Notch Tri"
The desire/encouragement has been building from many in our community for the Running Anthropologist project to cover a lesser-known corner of cross training potential and really a world onto itself (that includes running), that is... the triathlon, and its many diverse options (Sprint, Half and Full).  In this episode, we delve right into the culture and preparation of doing a Triathlon, and hear from a remarkable athlete and coach in this arena, Jeremy Richardson. Jeremy is a certified Ironman Coach and Physical Therapist, who comes from a competitive running background and made the switch to Triathlons in a long, hard process of slow gains, which he has learned a great deal from to become a competitive triathlete. Jeremy is World Ranked 6th in his age group for Ironman 70.3, is an Ironman Gold All World Athlete and has competed in multiple Ironman World Championships, as well as being an All-American USAT Athlete.

Jeremy also happens to be the operational manager for the Best Damn Race organization, which puts on unique large running events, and shares insight into our current situation of race cancellations, and keeping balance with training and motivation. He shares with us some wisdom and tips for training, and ideas for making the transition that stick for most, which he shares in his coaching programs. This opportunity for entering the cross training world is especially relevant to many during this time of limited running, and looking for new, exciting things one can do inside or near home in coming weeks and months!  Whether it is a new bucket list item or turns into a lifelong addiction, we hope that you are able to take this as a primer in triathlon culture, learning about what's involved, and options for training and completing in different types of triathlons.
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